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Admission requirements

We welcome applications from candidates who have a Bachelor degree (three-year first level degree) achieved in Italy (DM 509; DM 270) or other equivalent qualifications obtained from a foreign University.

In particular, the eligibility of qualifications for the mere purpose of enrollment in the master's degree course is approved by the Degree Course Council in compliance with international agreements and the assessment of curricular requirements. The possession of these requirements is documented by means of the Degree or Diploma certificate with exams that must be presented with the application for registration and verified by the Evaluation Commission.

  • First level Degree Diploma of the L-2 Biotechnology, L-13 Biological Sciences, L-27 Chemical Technology Sciences, and L-29 Pharmaceutical Technology Sciences classes (DM 270/04) or equivalent classes of DM 509/99
  • First Level Degree Diploma of other classes, or other qualification obtained abroad, recognized as suitable according to current legislation, provided that the student has achieved the following minimum curricular requirements, to be documented at the competent Student Secretariat:

10 ECTS from at least 1 of the following disciplines: MAT/01-MAT/09, FIS/01-FIS/08, INF/01

12 ECTS from at least 1 of the following disciplines: CHIM/01, CHIM/02, CHIM/03, CHIM/06, CHIM/08, CHIM/09

12 ECTS from at least 1 of the following disciplines:BIO/01, BIO/09, BIO/10, BIO/11, BIO/13, BIO/14, BIO/16, BIO/17, BIO/18, BIO/19

A tolerance of up to a maximum of 15%, or 5 ECTS, is allowed. This tolerance margin can be applied indifferently to only one of the SSD groups listed above or to several groups.

Since the course will be delivered in English, it will be necessary to document an English proficiency corresponding to the B2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for the knowledge of languages, or higher.

Candidates holding an Italian Bachelor degree in either Biotechnology (L-2), Biological Sciences (L-13), Chemical Sciences (L-27), and Pharmaceutical Technology Sciences (L-29) obtained with a final score above or equal to 99/110 are exempt from the admission test.

Admission requirements are specified in the Didactic Regulation. 

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