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Graduates in L-2 (Biotechnology), L-13 (Biological Sciences), L-27 (Chemical Technology Sciences), and L-29 (Pharmaceutical Technology Sciences) classes, or in other degree courses (after receiving the positive evaluation of the Master Course Board) who achieved a degree grade of at least 99/110 are exempted from the admission test.

For students who do not meet the criteria for exemption, the adequacy of personal preparation will be verified by passing a written test.

The test will consist of 50 questions, designed to assess the knowledge in Chemistry (30), Physics/Mathematics (5), and Molecular/Cellular Biology (15).

Questions will be proposed on the topics included in the Syllabus (see below)

Four possible answers will be proposed for every question. Candidates can mark only ONE answer. All questions carry equal marks. The total time will be 60 minutes.

A positive score (≥ 60%) is required to be enrolled in the Master Program in Biotechnological and Chemical Sciences in Diagnostics.


Test date:

  • The admission test is scheduled for September 13th 2024, 11.00 am.
  • The instructions for the admission test can be found here
  • The test will be conducted online, using the Moodle platform of the University of Torino. Detailed information will be personally e-mailed to each candidate, on the e-mail address inserted in the pre-registration form.

A simulation of the admission test can be found at



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